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Enjoy Your Favorite Weed Products at Home in Washington DC

The cannabis scene in the nation’s capital is flourishing thanks to decriminalization laws and the I-71 gifting economy that has allowed the industry to expand. Washington DC is now home to dozens of high-quality weed dispensaries stocked with premium quality cannabis. 

The best part of this success is that weed stores have ventured into the world of online retail businesses that make it easier for you to receive and consume your preferred cannabis products without leaving your home. This article will give you ways and methods you can benefit from these virtual weed shops from buying to getting cannabis products at your place of residence. 

Here’s how to enjoy your favorite weed product at home in Washington DC.

Weed Delivery

With the cannabis industry growing and continued legalization, weed dispensaries now have to provide new services to customers, one of which is weed delivery. While each store is different, the service commonly sends your purchased cannabis to your home address as a free option if you live within a specific location radius on the same day. If you live outside this threshold, there could be a delivery fee attached to your purchase. 

When you order weed delivery in Washington DC, you may have the option to pay online or when the delivery driver arrives at your door with cash or cryptocurrency. To make weed delivery valuable, dispensaries will offer the service once your purchase meets a price threshold to compensate labor costs and delivery vehicle maintenance and fuel. This is the most convenient option to enjoy weed at home.

Curbside Pickup

As a best of both worlds solution for weed customers in DC, many dispensaries offer a curbside pickup option. This is where you can order your favorite cannabis products and fetch them at a designated location to take back home and enjoy. The weed products will be handed to you in discreet packaging after verifying your age and identity.

Most pickup spots will be in designated areas near the dispensary itself or a public place where you’ll have to wait until you get home to consume the weed. The major advantage of curbside pickup is that you won’t have to meet the minimum spend amount to qualify for free delivery. This is also an ideal option if you’re unavailable to receive the order at your door. This way, you can still order online conveniently and go receive your pack when it’s ready an hour later or when you’re available to collect it. 

Online Shopping

E-commerce has taken the shopping world by storm this century and weed stores have taken advantage of this convenience. Now, you can seamlessly buy your favorite weed products to enjoy at home by visiting a weed dispensary website and placing an order. For online weed in DC, you can browse through the wide variety of weed products on the menu presented as gifts. Your weed will come with an item such as artwork or a collectible card. 

This is due to the weed laws in the district that operate under the I-71 regulation. When you want to place an order, be sure to check out during the opening times shown on the website to get your weed good promptly and on the same day. The best advantage of buying weed online is the cannabis product is having access to a larger pool of products that are only available on the virtual store.

Brand Purchases

As wed brands become more established and well-known, many have created their own websites and self-branded weed shops. If you’re a fan of a particular weed brand in Washington DC or anywhere around the country, you can shop directly from their online store or stockists and get all your favorite products solely from that brand. 

Doing this is also an opportunity for you to join their loyalty program and qualify for discounts and rewards so you can get more for less when stocking up on weed products to consume at home. There are also brand activations and exhibition events where you can connect with the local DC cannabis community to meet companions who can join you for a social smoking session at your home.

In-Store Visit

The classic way to buy your favorite weed products to take home and enjoy will always be in fashion. You can visit your nearest weed shop in DC when you have ample time to shop around and make your selection. The biggest advantage to in-store buying is access to knowledgeable budtender staff who will be on hand to give you recommendations and answer any of your product-related questions. 

They can also show you samples of weed products you’re unfamiliar with so you can observe them firsthand. When you visit a weed shop there’s usually protocol to follow such as no cameras for discretion, and waiting in a line for your chance to be served. Most weed dispensaries in Washington DC accept cash only and have a sales tax on weed. So be sure to carry more than what you expect to spend. ATMs are also available in-store for you to withdraw if you need them.


There are plenty of ways that you can get weed products to enjoy from the comfort of your home. Online shopping provides you with an extensive catalog to choose from. Then,  ordering via weed delivery in DC or receiving it from the curbside pickup ensures that you get your weed products safely, discreetly, and on the same day. 

Additionally, buying directly from a cannabis brand allows you to build a customer relationship with them and get the benefits of joining a community to smoke with at home, qualifying for rewards and discounts. All of these features and options are available for you to utilize, so you can bring weed products to consume at your residence.

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